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We started maxrdp.com because giving all sort of online solutions at a single platform is not simple at all. We are one of the best-dedicated Server Providers in the hosting business today. Our company offers a whole range of online solutions plus a consolidation service for your business or your personal needs. maxrdp.com offers servers from a wide variety of places all over the sphere to meet the increasing requirements of customers. Started in 2015, We offer servers in Netherlands, USA and France . We mainly deal in RDP, VPS/VDS, Hosting and Dedicated servers. Choose the one which goes best with your requirements. Our broad customer interface allows you to set up a strong web presence for your business, at reasonable prices and in the smallest amount of time. maxrdp.comís user-friendly sign-up procedure and robust infrastructure allow for a hassle-free establishment for your online identity. All our staff members are picked after a thorough background check and technical tests to make sure a smooth experience for our patrons, no more breaking your heads with the support staff like you do with other service providers. Our staff is extremely qualified and experienced in this business. Our dedicated staff members are always available to help you over the phone, chat , ticket or mail, should you face any interruptions on your way to becoming a foremost online business.

Our Best Services

RDP (Remote Desktop program )

RDP provides a user with interface to connect to another computer over a network connection

VPS Hosting

It also comes with completely dedicated CPU Cores, RAM and HDD comes with C-Panel for Website Hosting


All VDS / VPS plans have dedicated CPU Cores, RAM Hard Drives & Internet port.

Dedicated Servers

You need dedicated server.We equip each server with the operating system required by the client

Some company values

  • 24/7 Support
  • Uptime
  • Instant Setup
  • Fast & Reliable
  • Money Back

We take security at our prime note and use latest security and firewalls to protect your data.

Fed up of your slow server? Not anymore! We guarantee you 99.9% Server Uptime,

We know that most of companies to send you your RDP login information after log time But we send instant.

We have a knowledgeable support staff team and they offer reliable,fast and secure services.

Customers satisfaction is our first priority if you are unhappy with our services, ask for a refund.


Trust me i like the service of MAXRDP they are very fast and the quality of rdp is very good , Support are very helpful and fast to answer i bought 2 rdp and i will buy another one ,thanks MAXRDP

Achraf El Khattab

good service and support. i recommend it to all.

M. Roy

Got an RDP from MAXRDP and its really awesome. RDP delivered in just 10 minutes after ordering. Overall smooth performance and High Speeds.And their support is best. Always available in live chat, they reply tickets in 2-3mins.